Institutional framework and stakeholder analysis

Responsibility: International Centre for Sustainable Development (IZNE)

The IZNE strives to identify all relevant stakeholder groups within the 21 project areas as well as countrywide, obtain a deep understanding of their issues on the use of natural resources within the protected areas and potential solutions in terms of biodiversity conservation. Besides, this links the spatial analysis of the protected areas to the Stakeholder and Social Labs. Additionally, the results will be jointly prepared with project partners for external use. The basis of our work is qualitative expert interviews within the project areas and a subsequent quantitative survey on a much broader basis. Gained insights will be used for the participative development of guidelines, which encompass the knowledge relevant for stakeholder analysis and management with regard to biodiversity issues and which are suitable for further protected areas in Germany.

Prof. Dr. Wiltrud Terlau - Director of IZNE

Nicolas Fuchshofen - Research Assistant

Angela Turck - Research Assistant


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