DINA project coordination and governance structure

Responsibility: Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU)


To govern the DINA project, the NABU (Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union) established a project coordination office for full integration of scientific and social lab results. Special care will be given to promote a transdisciplinary exchange of perspectives on insect biodiversity decline, ensure a broad participation of stakeholders as well as the scientific community, and provide government authorities with the possibility to adopt the scientific results from this project for policy making.

Biodiversity Monitoring of Insects - Citizen Science approach

Integral connected with the work of DINA is a citizen science approach. With its 700,000 members and supporters, NABU is the largest nature conservation association in Germany. In order to deepen the Citizen Scientist approach within DINA, volunteers will be engaged in running the Malaise traps located at 21 selected sampling sites. These volunteers are recruited through the networks of NABU and are equipped with the material needed and trained. Their integration will provide a regional support and the possibility to engage more people with “their” nature protected area. Thus the volunteers are involved to a high degree in the necessary data collection. At the same time, we want to train volunteers in insect protection and stakeholder management.

NABU supervisor and ranger Rebecca Kain at the Riedensee site emptying a malaise trap.

Prof. Dr. Gerlind Lehmann - Head of the project team & scientific project coordinator DINA

Dr. Sebastian Köthe - Biodiversity Data Scientist

Dr. Roland Mühlethaler - Strategic Process Management Officer DINA


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